My name is Nils Krueger. I am an artist and educator, as well as a mentor and coach, who helps artists to reach their full potential in regards to their art and their career.

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Born in Berlin in 1969, I moved to San Francisco in 1988, where I lived until 2011. I earned a BFA, with a major in sculpture, in 1994, followed by an MFA in 1996.

Throughout the past 30 years, I have been exhibiting my work in galleries and museums throughout the US, as well as in Europe.

I have always been very interested in technology & new media and have extensive freelance experience in the areas of digital design & printing, video production, as well as web design & development.

This extensive set of skills has led to a faculty position at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, where I have been teaching several courses in the sculpture department, as well as a Professional Practices for Fine Artists class throughout the last 22 years (since 2011 online).

Currently, I live, with my wife and our two sons, in Munich, Germany.

I am very proud to announce my online program ART IS A VERB. This program was designed to help visual artists at every level to improve their skills of documenting their creative process and sharing their content on social media, such as YouTube and Instagram, in order to grow a following of art lovers, buyers, and patrons. ART IS A VERB provides its members with well structured, step-by-step written learning content, as well as video lessons, a community to get answers, and weekly virtual mastermind events.

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