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The online program ART IS A VERB was designed to help visual artists at every level to improve their skills of documenting their creative process and sharing their content on social media, such as YouTube and Instagram, in order to grow a following of art lovers.

ART IS A VERB was founded based on the idea that todays artists can earn a living based not only on selling their finished works of art, but also through subscription-based donations from their patrons.

Through its high-quality online courses ART IS A VERB provides its members with well-structured, step-by-step written learning content, as well as video lessons, a community to get answers, and weekly virtual mastermind events.

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Throughout most of history, viewing and experiencing visual art has mostly been centered around looking at an art object, such as a drawing, painting, or sculpture.

We live in a new era! With the web 2.0, fast broadband internet speeds, inexpensive computers and smart phones, as well as affortable professional-grade video equipment, it has become possible for artists to document and share their creative process to an ever growing audience interested in the creative process that lies behind a finished work of art.

Art is no longer just a noun.  Art is a Verb!

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